It was a try and a dare for my little sister. I work as a designer and she needs me this time. She grew big and she asked me to help her find a wizard of Oz Costume. I know there are available sizes in the store but it wasn't the first thing that I suggested to her. Instead, I helped her and made my first design attempt for the costume.  These are the one I Patterned it after:

Luckily, it went well and the size is perfect for her. Just as I imagined it! I made her happy and it was a relief also for me, seeing my sister in a dress she wished for. I am proud that it was my design too. The day my sister went to the party, she became sensational to her school and I am glad to know that. It boosts her confidence and her personality developed into a stronger person she is now. Sometimes it takes a try before you get a good accomplishment.


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