Nowadays, it is better to be practical. Every year, people spend hundreds on costumes and it's time to realize that you don't really need to spend on a costume that you will use only for a few hours. Plus size nurse costumes can be easily done at home. It can sometimes be a bother searching for plus size costumes from physical stores and online shops. Why not make your own nurse costume?

All you need to do is choose a white blouse that fits you well. You can choose the blouse with a collar and buttoned down front. That way you can leave a few buttons open if ever you decide to be the sexy nurse. Next, you have to find a white skirt that has a good fit. Since you are making a DIY costume, it is up to you to choose the length of the skirt. Sew your own nurse's costume and find some white high-heeled pumps and you are good to go.


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